Welcome to Open Source XCP-ng ® 7.5.0

Thank you for using Open Source XCP-ng. This page contains important information about the XCP-ng 7.5.0 release.

XCP-ng Center

The links below can be used to download and install XCP-ng Center, the graphical, Windows-based user interface for XCP-ng, from this host.

Xen Orchestra Web console

You can quickly deploy a Xen Orchestra virtual Appliance on top of your XCP-ng install with this command to run into your host console:

bash -c "$(curl -s http://xoa.io/deploy)"
Note: you need to provide a new/free IP to be able to reach the virtual appliance. Do NOT use the XCP-ng IP address. Please read the official documentation for more information.

Community support

Please visit our community website at xcp-ng.org and find help on the forum.

Pro support

Want to run XCP-ng in production? We got your back! Take a look at the XCP-ng Pro services website.